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Access to Sociology: Stratification and Differentiation

Access to Sociology is a new series of concise and readable topic books for sociology students. Each book helps the reader focus on their forthcoming exam with sample questions and skills advice. There are suggestions for coursework, useful resources, further reading and a wide range of individual and group activities.

Stratification and Differentiation examines the class structure and its implications for society, and includes:

  • perspectves on social class and status

  • wealth, poverty and the class structure

  • social mobility

  • gender, age, race and ethnicity

  • Janis Griffiths is Head of Sociology at Bryn Hafren school, Chief examiner for WJEC GCSE examination and a regular contributor to Social Science Teacher Journal. She is also an executive member of the Association for the Teaching of the Social Sciences (ATSS). Tanya Hope is a lecturer at Truro college, an experienced author of A Level texts and Vice-President of the ATSS.

    Series Editor: Paul Selfe, an established author and a former Head of Sociology at Ludlow Sixth Form College. He is a recent editor of The Social Science Teacher.

    Published by: Hodder & Stoughton

    Author(s): Janis Griffiths and Tanya Hope

    ISBN: 0-340-73760-3

    First published: 2000

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