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Sociology: Dealing With Data

A supplmentary resource suitable for all students working towards AS and A level Sociology - whatever your syllabus.

The text enables students to develop the essential data handling skills, represented in each chapter by three distinct sections:

  • Knowledge and understanding

  • Interpretation and application

  • Evaluation

  • Each chapter is structured in the same way to provide students with step by step guidance to handling data on every topic. The text also:

  • Gives students practice in specific examination techniques - helping to develop confidence and proficiency in areas of difficulty

  • Includes a range of data - giving students examples of all categories they are likely to meet

  • Offers guidance on tackling questions - providing information about what to highlight, common problems and how to structure answers

  • Published by: Longman

    Author(s): Shaun Best, Graham Harris, Ian Marsh, Janis Griffiths, Tanya Hope, Keith Trobe

    ISBN: 0582 299306

    First published: 1999

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