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Sociology in Perspective AQA Edition

Sociology in Perspective AQA Editon builds upon the success of Sociology in Perspective and has been revised and updated to match the structure and content requirements of the new AQA specification for sociology. The new edition has a student book and supporting tutor's resource file.

The student book

  • is fully up-to-date and covers all the topics in the AQA specification

  • has a new clear design with plenty of subheadings to make the book easy to use

  • contains a new chapter offering advice on study and revision skills

  • highlights where activities may enable students to generate evidence for their key skills portfolio

  • The photocopiable tutor's resource file

  • contains support for tutors including details about the AQA specification

  • provides a bank of lesson plans for teaching each chapter in the student book

  • gives worked up ideas for discussions

  • offers ideas for coursework and suggestions for students as to how coursework can contribute to key skills evidence

  • has photocopiable checklists for revision

  • includes a selection of key diagrams and tables from the student book which can be photocopied and used as OHT's

  • Published by: Heinemann

    Author(s): Mark Kirby, Warren Kidd, Francine Koubel, John Barter, Tanya Hope, Alison Kirton, Nick Madry, Paul Manning, Karen Triggs

    ISBN: 0-435-33160-4

    First published: 2000

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