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Sociology in Perspective

Sociology in Perspective is a major new text for students following courses in AS and A level sociology. Written to prepare students for the new syllabuses, Sociology in Perspective

  • provides comprehensive coverage of the AEB, IBS and other AS and A level syllabuses

  • is fully up-to-date and integrates new developments such as globalisation, post modernism, feminism and the New Right along with older perspectives such as functionalism, interactionism and Marxism

  • promotes an active approach to learning through the inclusion of activities which are clearly linked to developing the skills of knowledge and understanding, interpretation and application/analysis and evaluation

  • is written by a team of teachers from schools, FE and HE who have extensive experience of teaching, writing and examining as well as being active members of the ATSS

  • Published by: Heinemann

    Author(s): Mark Kirby, Warren Kidd, Francine Koubel, John Barter, Tanya Hope, Alison Kirton, Nick Madry, Paul Manning, Karen Triggs

    ISBN: 0-435-33156-6

    First published: 1997

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