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Active Sociology

Written to match the new 2000 AS/A Level Sociology specifications, Active Sociology provides all students need to help them achieve good exam results. Differentiated throughout, the text contains tiered questions that reflect the modular study and assessment style of the exam papers, while helping to demonstrate competence in Key Skills.


  • content precisely targeted at the new AS/A level specifications

  • all new specification criteria fully explored by authors with specialist subject knowledge

  • main specification areas divided into focused topics, each with clear explanations and a full summary

  • opportunities for Key Skills highlighted in appropriate activities and task sections throughout

  • Sociology in Practice sections include case studies placing theories and concepts in real-world contexts

  • hints and tips boxes provide students with 'inside knowledge' on how to do well in written work and coursework

  • Active Sociology provides an involving account of the subject for AS/A Level study.

    Published by: Longman

    Author(s): Shaun Best, Janis Griffiths, Tanya Hope

    ISBN: 0-582-40541-6

    First published: 2000

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